Meet Our Team

Kaufman Homes, Inc., a second generation company, has served residents of the greater Salem area since 1975. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for never compromising quality, maintaining high standards, pride in workmanship and a commitment to service.

Along with our well-known custom home business, we are now promoting a more diversified construction model. By doing an ever-increasing amount of remodels and small jobs — along with our recently implemented comprehensive repair and maintenance program — we are now truly a one stop shopping service!

Kaufman Homes is always on the cutting edge of new design technology, sustainable building practices and design concepts to enhance your living experience.


  • “We heard over and over from others that we had selected the best and it turned out to be true.”
    — Dana and Sue R.
  • “Over the years I have been involved with over three billion dollars worth of projects with too many contractors to count. Your staff was one of the best I have ever worked with.”
    — Ray and Cecily E.
  • “We would today not hesitate to have our next home built by Kaufman Homes.”
    — Nick and Lisa H.
  • “We found that all of your allowances were very generous and your timelines were accurate.”
    — Richard and Sara L.
  • “…the best part were the relationships that transformed ‘building a house’ into warm feelings, friendships and great memories…”
    — Ron and Linda Johnson
  • “Believe the fact that we came back to Kaufman Homes for the second home speaks to our delight with your group, and the quality of the home.”
    — Don and Marilyn S.
  • “First and foremost, your company is committed to the philosophy that places integrity and character above all else while in pursuit of the primary goal of building a quality home for your customers.”
    — Terry H.

Kent Kaufman

Dale - 1

Dale Kaufman

Harold - 1

Harold Tuggy
Operations Manager

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Jeff Zurbrugg
Job Superintendent

Ryan 1

Ryan Slagel
Job Superintendent

Michael 1

Michael Ionita
Finish Carpenter/ Painter

Jesse Walder
Job Superintendent

Troy Batson
Field Technician

Jordan 1

Jordan Hoffman
Field Technician

Josh 1b

Joshua Giesbrecht
Field Technician

Justin 2b

Justin Schaan
Field Technician

Home Maintenance Staff

Mark - 1

Mark Idol
Account Manager

Zac 1

Zac Denny
Field Technician

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Loren Kuenzi
Field Technician

Office Staff

Lina - 1

Lina Anderious
Accounts Payable

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Adrian Kuenzi
Business Manager